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Engaging Corporate Training - Dynamic Learning

Adrian Sita
25 Mar, 2020
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Engaging corporate training because of a new great partnership between Brain Concert and Dynamic Learning. We, at Brain Concert,  believe in the power of enlightening partnerships for facilitating an efficient delivery of training programs. One of our partners is Dynamic Learning, a collaboration we’re happy about.


Who’s Dynamic Learning?

They are a dynamic team formed of consultants and trainers. The quality of the services they provide and professionalism are top priority for them. They offer support to their partners by developing and implementing solutions, systems and practices devoted to organisational growth performance and personal development.

According to L&D Industry Survey 2019 they are Bronze Award Company, third place in top consulting companies in Romania.

Their senior trainers have rich organisational experience as managers and participants in many projects and industries. They design personalised learning projects which we adapt to participants’ needs to generate relevant organisational impact in corporate training world.

How? Dynamic Learning has a training method that follow: 01 diagnosis (a session aimed at identifying organisational needs), 02 personalised training program 03 business improvement plan 04 follow up (workshop, mentoring, team coaching, individual coaching) and then 05 knowledge transfer to the organization.

Check out their website and services and keep investing in qualitative knowledge.

P.S.: People in the business environment have so many great things to say about them, well deserved, as you can see right here.

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