Agile Testing

What is working software?

In our times, in my humble opinion, a working software is a piece of software deliverable that brings your business competitive advantage to your..

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Agile INVEST guidelines

INVEST Guidelines - Independent User Stories

INVEST Guidelines are a set of recommendations put together by Bill Wake to evaluate good quality user stories (or more general,..

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The Agile teams

What is an Agile team?

Simple. It's just a random group of people. :) Really?

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3 reasons to organise corporate trainings

What happens in your professional bubble?

We live in a technologise, constantly changing world, which is a well-known fact of our society. The innovation comes from each of..

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The Agile Project Manager role

What do project managers do?

In short, project managers are responsible for the planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and completion of projects, while dealing with..

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Agile Project Management with SCRUM

What is Scrum?

There are multiple definitions of the SCRUM framework but my preferred one is: “SCRUM is an agile framework that helps you fail in 30 days or less!”Have you..

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6 Project Management Challenges faced by Agile PMs

The top 6 challenges for Project Managers in action

Corporate issues

A company will sometimes not properly define the goals or objectives of a business before going into it,..

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Agile Project Management methodology

Short history of Project Management discipline

Project management has been practiced for many years in different ways depending on the body of knowledge of every person — I’m..

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Agile Project Manager job description

What is an Agile Project Manager?

The role of Agile Project Manager is less defined because Agile focuses more on team collaboration and less on hierarchical leadership. The..

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Agile Business Analyst

What is an Agile Business Analyst?

The role of an Agile Business Analyst is not well defined, but for certain he has an important role in the team. Sometimes, the role is under..

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What is Agile?

What is... Agile?

Taking the word of the Agile Manifesto "Agile is a set of Values and Principles". This sounds to me like a way to behave and more appropriate, like a mindset...

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Scrum – No Project Manager Role

Project Manager Job Description

Looking at Scrum methodology, one can see that there is no Project Manager role in it. No one assumes a position from where it can directly..

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Business Analyst vs. Agile Product Owner

Agile Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who is hired by a company to analyse the business of that company and to keep it in check that the business is running..

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What is an Agile Coach?

What is an Agile Coach?

In the present day and age, the passageway criteria that is required so as to end up plainly a fruitful Agile Coach depends a great deal on the odds of..

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Product Owner in Agile 2 days Details
Basic Financial Education 5 days Details
Setting Others For Success 2 days Details

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LearnQuest - Katarzyna Radecka
Katarzyna Radecka


The training was really efficient because it brought us closer to our business objectives in a manner which was far away from the usual formal one. We've enjoyed the customised training and at the end of the day, we labeled it productive.

Mirela Tania
Mirela Tania

Unicredit Business Services

The training was practical and it answered a series of questions, focusing on interaction to keep us engaged. The materials were well structured and easy to follow, so that we can use them as a how-to guide from now on.

Dorin Boabes
Dorin Boabes

IBM Romania

The course has helped us improve some skills and discover new ones while applying the theoretical concepts. A great learning experience, valuable for the process of professional development.