Sprint Retrospectives with Kanban

What is Agile Retrospective?

What is this ceremony? Could it be of any help for the Agile teams? Is it important?

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3 Basic attributes of a Business Requirement

What are the characteristics of a Business Requirement?

1. Atomic

This is the main attribute a requirement must have. Think to an atom like it is one of the smallest part of..

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Business agility

What is Business Agility?

Business agility refers to different qualities that allow organisations to respond rapidly to changes when these appear, without losing their vision.

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The Scrum team

What a Scrum Team is doing?

The SCRUM Master is one of the three roles defined within Scrum Framework, together with Scrum Master(SM) and Product Owner(PO).

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What is a Scrum Sprint?

What is a Scrum Sprint?

The simple definition is a short time-boxed period for the scrum team to finish the work based on a specific goal.

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What is Daily Scrum?

What is SCRUM?

Scrum is a framework applicable in principle to nearly any type of project, but with a high rate of adoption in agile software development. It is suited for..

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Product increment in Agile software development

What is a potentially shippable increment?

One of the fundamental concepts of Scrum is that the team must deliver a potentially shippable increment of code each sprint. This..

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Sprint backlog in Agile software development

What is a Sprint Backlog?

It represents the list of tasks identified by the Scrum Team in order to complete all the work assumed for the current sprint. The work assumed is..

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Product Backlog in Agile software development

What is a Product Backlog?

In the simplest definition, the Scrum Product Backlog is a list of all the things that needs to be done in the project, ordered by their priority,..

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Scrum Master in Agile software development

What is a Scrum Master?

This role is sometimes quite difficult to understand and implement, especially for organisations with more traditional approaches in organising software..

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Product Owner in Agile software development

What is the role of Product Owner?

The Product Owner is a key role in Scrum, but many organisations struggle to effectively apply it. As the name suggests, a product owner..

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What is a Burn-Down chart?

What is a Burn-Down Chart?

Is a very simple tool use to monitor and show the progress of the current sprint - it is usually used in agile software development but not..

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Automation Testing with Selenium

Why to use automated testing?

Creating automated tests for any web application is a challenge for everyone and it's probably a challenge that you've experience. People are also..

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The training was really efficient because it brought us closer to our business objectives in a manner which was far away from the usual formal one. We've enjoyed the customised training and at the end of the day, we labeled it productive.

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