Induction process

What's induction?

The employee induction is part of the larger process of bringing new staff into a company and it consists in familiarising the new recruit with the working..

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6 of the best Online Learning Platforms

What are the best learning experience platforms?

Online learning platforms are marketplaces where teachers can post their courses and students/users can pay for them directly...

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Onboarding best practices

What is onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organisation and with the goal of minimising turnover. To increase retention,..

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The importance of the onboarding process

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process by which companies welcome and integrate their newly hired employees. Integration implies that the process extends beyond the..

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The usefulness of custom content

What is custom content?

A clear definition could be the one found on Adotas:

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Articulate Rise: features and downsides

What is Articulate Rise?

It’s a web application that allows designers to create beautiful online courses. You can access it by having an Articulate 360 subscription without the..

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Title Duration
Core Concepts of a Product 2 days Details
Basic Financial Education 5 days Details
Setting Others For Success 2 days Details

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LearnQuest - Katarzyna Radecka
Katarzyna Radecka


The training was really efficient because it brought us closer to our business objectives in a manner which was far away from the usual formal one. We've enjoyed the customised training and at the end of the day, we labeled it productive.

Mirela Tania
Mirela Tania

Unicredit Business Services

The training was practical and it answered a series of questions, focusing on interaction to keep us engaged. The materials were well structured and easy to follow, so that we can use them as a how-to guide from now on.

Dorin Boabes
Dorin Boabes

IBM Romania

The course has helped us improve some skills and discover new ones while applying the theoretical concepts. A great learning experience, valuable for the process of professional development.