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Laura Naghi

The Institute of Financial Studies

The Institute of Financial Studies supports the development of organizations, institutions, and people who work or intend to work in the field of insurance, private pensions and financial investments, of the related activities or similar to the ones above and also in the field of risk management, human resources management, and organizational management.

The mission of the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) is to study the financial processes and mechanisms in order to identify the future needs and facilitate the training, the specialization and professional evaluation of the people working in the non-banking financial system and inside ASF, according to ASF's decisions and European standards.

In the long term, IFS aims to align its activities with the European requirements, to shift from accumulation of knowledge to the accumulation and assessment of skills, to provide professional training programs for the non-banking financial domain adjusted to the new organizational processes, determined by the legislative requirements, the market and European framework changes, contributing to the maturation of the non-banking financial market from Romania and for creating the ability of the market to face the competition triggered by the globalization and economic crises.


Thus, their professional aim is to effectively deliver learning content, so that they become the center of excellence in delivering financial training programs. They already have their knowledge seekers, valuable information and Knolyx, as a channel to deliver their content in a digital format. What was missing? A way to make the information engaging and interactive, in order to ensure knowledge retention and to successfully achieve their learning goals. An online format, customized for their clients and partners, in which knowledge is delivered according to their organizational culture and to their specific training needs.


In the process of achieving these goals for their financial training programs, the Institute of Financial Studies partnered up with Brain Concert, which provides eContent solutions for companies which are looking to improve their learning approach. So, they provided us with the information they wanted to pass on to their learners and our instructional designer turned the content into a learning asset, making it interactive and easy to be used both for knowledge delivery and, further, for learning reinforcement. Because, after all, this is the main outcome: to deliver knowledge which enlightens and sticks with the learners.