_ Agile Leadership – Empowered Teams


The Leading Empowered Teams course that teaches the foundations of great Agile leadership. It presents the essential characteristics of great leaders and what they do differently, how they use inspiration and motivation to introduce change and create impressive teams. As you can't lead others before being able to lead yourself, it also gives a model for effective time management and getting things done.


Lead a team without resorting to inefficient micro management by means of Agile leadership
Use the coaching model for developing your colleagues
Build stronger teams based on a high level of feedback
Become better at time management
Understand how to cause lasting change using an Agile leadership approach
Improve your performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement
Hear examples of how other companies do it


Leading Empowered Teams course is aimed at team leaders, Scrum Masters and all managers responsible for a team' performance. The concepts discussed are equally applicable to all team members because, as the course will teach, Agile leadership can be used by any professional.


2 days


The participants should have at least one year of working experience and the willingness to discover an Agile leadership approach.


Introduction to Agile Leadership and Empowered Teams
What characterizes great leaders fron an Agile leadership approach?
Leading yourself: master personal productivity
Building a balanced team
Growing team members with coaching
Adaptive planning and estimating
Giving and receiving feedback
Do more using delegation
How to cause change
Kaizen: continuous improvement
Practical plan for studies principles


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