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This Agile Test Automation class will teach automation techniques to improve regression testing, story and feature testing, and enhancement of exploratory testing. Most agile teams deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each iteration (one to four weeks), but some agile teams even ship working software every day. Regression confidence can be achieved with the help of automated tests, which many teams struggle with.
Test Driven Development techniques, precise test and tool selection, appropriate automation design, and team collaboration can be combined to fully integrate testing into Agile delivery teams and provide the efficiency necessary for project success. The course presents many types of automation illustrated with example test descriptions, source code samples, and example test scripts.


Discover how to implement agile test automation as stories are implemented
Confidently deliver shippable product increments each sprint using automation
Understand how to collaborate with business analysts, programmers, and customers to integrate automation into your teams' workflow
Work without the need of separate, independent test automation teams
Explore how complex non-functional testing can be automated in a sprint
Discover how tools such as mind mappers, recorders, and note takers generate defensible evidence of regulatory compliant testing


QA Engineers
Business analysis
Product owners


2 days


In order to attend the Agile Test Automation course you must be proficient in at least one programming language. You will get the best out of this class if you have worked at least 5 years as a programmer or architect until now.


Introduction to Agile Test Automation
Agile Test Automation Strategy
Where test automation fits in
How much test automation
What not to automate
Automation Pyramid
Planning for Automation
Automation Frameworks
Unit Test Harness
Acceptance Test Frameworks for ATDD and BDD
Traditional capture playback test frameworks
Selecting Tests for Automation
Structural regression
Business facing regression
Repetitive operations
Improve ability to control and observer
Supporting Process
Roles and Responsibilities for test automation
Test Driven Development
Acceptance Test Driven Development
Behavior Driven Development
Design Driven Testing
Legacy automation
Testing and Continuous Integration
Build environments
Structure regression
Business facing regression
Static analysis
Automated Test Cycles (Continuous Testing)
Flow of implementing a story
Grooming and test automation
Programming and test automation
In sprint testing activities
Non-functional testing activities
Dynamic analysis
Static Code Analysis/Metrics
Code metrics
Changing complexity and risk
Security risks
Maintainability risks
Automating Story and Feature Testing
Defining acceptance tests
Cross story testing
Data driven testing
Keyword driven testing
Mapping Tests to Automation
Acceptance tests to automate
Unit tests to automate
Regression coverage
ATDD and BDD Testing Frameworks
UI Testing Frameworks
Capture playback test generalization
Open source frameworks
Commercial frameworks
Automation Support for Integration and System Testing
End-to-end transaction testing
Continuous integration
Data Setup and Tear Down and Data Within Automation
Self contained test models
Data independent models
Tools to Support Exploratory Testing
Note taking
Mind Mapping
Screen capture
  Tools for Performing Non-Functional Testing
Performance testing tools
Stress testing tools
Usability testing tools
Security testing tools
Virtual unit test environments
Virtual business facing test environments
Locale variations
Reset systems to a controlled state
Conclusion for Agile Test Automation


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