_ C++ Programming – Advanced

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C++ Programming - Advanced training is a fairly detailed overview covering right from the intricacies of classes to STL, an overview of meta programming and design with C++.


Differentiate between global functions, friend function and member functions.
Use the Standard Template Library.
Write classes and functions with parametrised types.
Understand and handle exceptions in specific programs.
Disambiguate data and functions using multiple inheritance.
Understand the difference between various kinds of inheritance.
Use pointers to class member functions.
Understand the mechanism to resolve overloaded functions.


Experienced C++ programmers.


2 days


Anybody who has experienced in C++ programming and wishes to enhance their knowledge of the language.


Introduction to C++ Programming Advanced
Copying and Conversions
Template function
Template classes
Template techniques
Iterators and Algorithms
Exception handling
Memory management
Reference counting
Inheritance techniques
Functional abstraction
C++ Programming - 11 language enhancements
Multithreading techniques


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