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This Clean Code explained workshop will help you to apply methods from practical experience of the trainer in different languages and sizes, enhancing your professional knowledge and helping you applying it efficiently.


Write code that is easy to read, understand and change
Incrementally clean existing code using the boy scout rule
Start using naming principles so you can communicate with your development team trough code
Learn how to structure methods in classes


Mid-level and senior programmers
Technical leads looking for improved coding guidelines or improved ways to structure code
CTOs who want to reduce cost of change for their applications


2 days


Participants must be proficient in at least one programming language in order to get the most olut of this clean code course
Basic knowledge of design patterns and SOLID principles is useful for understanding some of the concepts, but not required


Introduction to Clean Code Explained
The reasons and benefits for use the clean code principles
Naming Principles; The continuum of names
Methods Principles: small, low indentation, single responsibility, short list of arguments, no side effects, error handling is one thing
Comments vs. self-explaining code
Structuring objects and data
Structuring classes: Small, single responsibility, easy to change
The boy scout rule: try and leave the code a little better than you found it
Workshop for Clean Code Explained


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