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Comprehensive Angular



Comprehensive Angular training teaches attendees how to build applications using ES6, TypeScript, and modern front-end tools, including npm and Webpack. Students also gain an understanding of application architecture and design best practices in Angular, as well as learn how to authenticate, unit test, and manage application state in an Angular application.


Understand how single-page web application architectures are different than traditional web application architectures
Use new JavaScript (ES6) language features including Classes, Modules, and Arrow Functions
Use new TypeScript language features including Types, Decorators, Interfaces, and Generics
Learn Angular coding and architecture best practices including project layout and using container and presentation components
Understand and use Angular model-driven forms, observables, dependency injection, and routing
Communicate with a backend server using Angular’s HttpClient to load and save data
Configure the router and navigate between components
Leverage IVY, the new Angular compiler, for faster and smaller builds
Understand & Preview Ivy: the Next-Generation Compilation & Rendering Pipeline
Unit test all parts of an application including Components, Services, and Pipes
Understand RxJS and Observables and where they can be used
Implement Authentication and Authorization in an Angular Application
Optimize Angular Performance by changing Change Detection Strategies
Setup new projects from scratch using the Angular CLI
Scaffold modules, components, services, models, routes, and unit tests in accordance with best practices using the Angular CLI
Build and deploy an application to production using the Angular CLI
Write End-to-End Tests (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)
Upgrade an existing application from AngularJS to Angular 9 (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)




5 days


All Angular training students must have substantial prior experience developing with JavaScript. If attendees will not have prior JavaScript experience, we would be delighted to precede this class with a one- or two-day intensive JavaScript primer.


Introduction to Comprehensive Angular
TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) Fundamentals
Angular Overview
Angular Modules (NgModule)
Project Set-Up (Using the Angular CLI)
Data Binding
Advanced Components
Services & Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection
Model-driven Forms (Reactive Forms)
Communicating with the Server using the HttpClient Service
Deploying an Angular Application to Production
Ivy: Next-Generation Compilaton & Rendering Pipeline
Upgrading to the latest version of Angular from earlier versions
Unit Testing
RxJS and Observables
Change Detection
Advanced Angular CLI
Advanced Routing
Advanced Dependency Injection Pipes


Angular JS Unleashed



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Online or On-site delivery

We created a personalised delivery strategy by offering blending learning

Communities of practice

Find a bunch of people who are on the same page with you

Engaged Learning

Engaging platform with gamification for collaboration and friendly competition

Interactive training

We created a personalised delivery strategy by offering blending learning

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Can you organise virtual training sessions or only face to face trainings?

Yes, you can choose an online or an offline training session. We use Knolyx, an e-learning platform, to make the process of online training and mobile learning delivery as efficient as a face-to-face training session. You can check here a complete list of features set.

Should we deliver online or offline classes?

That's up to you. We offer you an efficient learning environment and you can use it according to your needs: either online or offline. Nobody knows better than you and your team what you need, so we do not imposed some predefined criteria, we adapt to yours.

Can you customize courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes. We offer training consultancy and we establish the most appropriate courses according to the specific needs and business objectives of your company.
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