_ Computer Network Administrator

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Computer network administration and management refers to all of the activities associated with designing, building, monitoring, and maintaining computer and telecommunication networks. In a small office, one person may be responsible for performing all of these activities as an IT Specialist. However, most organizations split network management duties across a series of more specialized job roles.


PC fundamentals
Microsoft Windows server and client operations
Linux server and client operations
Cloud computing
Scripting and automation
Network infrastructure
Assessing and supporting end user needs
Supporting basic security policies and practices
Working effectively and ethically as an individual or member of a team


Network Administrator
Server Administrator
IT Administrator


3 days


Basic knowledge about the most important concepts of networking (e.g., protocols, Active Directory and troubleshooting).


Technical Communications
Client/Server Fundamentals
Linux Fundamentals
Network Fundamentals
Scripting Fundamentals
Server Administration
Service Desk Fundamentals
Local Area Networks
Technical Project I


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_ Computer Network Administrator