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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a computer security term referring to systems that identify, monitor, and protect data in use, data in motion, and data at rest. Experts accomplish this through deep content inspection, contextual security analysis of transactions, and with a centralized management framework. This course will begin with a discussion of topics relating to Data Loss Prevention such as Data Loss, Data Recovery, Data Categories, and the Data Life cycle. Computer Security, Cloud Security, and Cyber Security Standards are other topics that will be included in this course.


Learn Data Loss and Data Recovery.
Know about Data Loss Prevention.
Understand Data Categories.
Be aware of the Data Life cycle.
Learn Computer and Cloud Security.
Understand and know the different Cyber Security Standards.


Businesses looking to implement DLP software tools for security purposes.
IT Professionals researching DLP software services and computer security systems.
Managers wanting to be informed about the importance of data protection.


3 days


Basic understanding of the IT industry.


Data loss and recovery
Overview of Data Loss prevention
Data Categories and Lifecycle
Data Loss Prevention Solutions


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