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What DevOps Test Integration is about? Testers need dedicated and controlled testing environments for each iteration that are built, deployed, and configured in a reliable and repeatable manner. DevOps can provide on-demand disposable test environments that are delivered quickly, in a known state, with pre-populated test data and automated test fixture provisioning, to meet Agile Testing demands for multiple test environment configurations that model production.


Understand basic concept of DevOps Test Integration
Learn how to create and configure virtual testing environments
Discover how to automate installation and configuration of test automation fixtures and pre-populate test environments with test tools, the system under test, and the necessary test data
Understand how DevOps enables testing and test automation in the Cloud with disposable test environments
The use of Puppet for system installation and configuration using DevOps test integration
Setup and use of Vagrant workflows for creating, customizing, and configuring virtual environments
Customization and use of automated deployment scripts to implement the environment
Test Data Population
Automated Test execution using DevOps Test Integration
Environment cleanup/disposal


Software test professionals
Software developers


2 days




Introduction to DevOps Test Integration
Introduction to Vagrant
Installing Vagrant
Building a VM
Introduction to Puppet
Installing Puppet
Configuring a web server and a database
Automated Testing
Testing the deployment using the DevOps Test Integration approach
Adding test data
Automating tests
Deploying to multiple test configurations
Re-initializing test environments for multiple test cycles
Deploying and Testing in the Cloud
Managed Boxes
Remote Public Clouds
Using Hosted Test Tools for Test Execution


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