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Docker with Kubernetes



Docker with Kubernetes training teaches attendees how to use Docker and Kubernetes in enterprise and cloud environments. First, attendees learn the core features of Docker including container creation, container management, and interacting with Docker hub. They then learn the basic concepts and architecture of Kubernetes, its initial install and setup, Kubernetes Pods, deployments and services, networking, and more.


Create and manage containers
Interact with Docker hub
Use Dockerfile to create and manage custom images
Safely expose container services to the world and link containers
Use Docker Volumes to manage persistent data
Use Docker Compose to build multi-container applications
Secure Docker installations and containers
Understand the basic concepts and architecture of Kubernetes
Initial install and setup Kubernetes Pods as well as deployments and services
Use persistent storage, networking, automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications
Log and monitor facilities


System Administrators


2 days


All students should have proficiency with the Linux CLI and a broad understanding of Linux system administration.


Introduction to Docker with Kubernetes
Container Theology Overview
Installing Docker
Managing Containers
Managing Images
Creating Images with DOCKERFILE
Docker Volumes
Docker Compose/SWARM
Docker Networking
Docker Logging
Kubernetes Core Concepts
Application Lifecycle Management
Jobs and CronJobs
Linux Containers
Conclusion of Docker with Kubernetes


Kubernetes for Beginners - Docker Introduction in 15 Minutes

47 advanced tutorials for mastering Kubernetes


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We created a personalised delivery strategy by offering blending learning

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Can you organise virtual training sessions or only face to face trainings?

Yes, you can choose an online or an offline training session. We use Knolyx, an e-learning platform, to make the process of online training and mobile learning delivery as efficient as a face-to-face training session. You can check here a complete list of features set.

Should we deliver online or offline classes?

That's up to you. We offer you an efficient learning environment and you can use it according to your needs: either online or offline. Nobody knows better than you and your team what you need, so we do not imposed some predefined criteria, we adapt to yours.

Can you customize courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes. We offer training consultancy and we establish the most appropriate courses according to the specific needs and business objectives of your company.
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