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IBM ICM Building the Model course teaches clients the foundation of IBM Incentive Compensation Management. Clients will learn to customize an ICM model by creating tables, calculations, components and data stores. Training demonstrations and exercises simulate a real-world implementation in an effort to enable students to apply concepts learned to their own IBM ICM implementations. The last day of IBM ICM Building the Model class is spent working on a case study, where students will work in groups of 3-4 to design and build model objects that will calculate commissions earned for two fictional groups of employees. At the end of IBM ICM Building the Model course, clients should be able to use all the basic functions of the software


After finishing the IBM ICM Building the Model Course, one should be able to use all the basic functions of the software.


Compensation administrators looking to enhance their professional skills


4 days


Experience using basic Microsoft Windows 7 functionality<br> Experience using Microsoft Excel


Overview of IBM ICM Building the Model (V10)
Sample Outdoors Company overview
Table design concepts
Creating tables within ICM
Populating and maintaining tables
Introduction to calculations
Designing restrictions
Multi-source calculations
Deconstructing requirements
Time-shift calculations
Data Stores
Case study IBM ICM Building the Model (V10)


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