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IBM MQ Application Development (Windows Labs) course is also available as self-paced virtual (eLearning) course IBM MQ V9 Application Development. This course helps you develop the skills that are necessary to implement various application requirements on IBM MQ versions up to and including IBM MQ V9.0.2. It focuses on procedural application development for IBM MQ. The course begins by describing IBM MQ and the effect of design and development choices in the IBM MQ environment. It then covers IBM MQ application programming topics such as methods of putting and getting messages, identifying code that creates queue manager affinities, working with transactions, and uses of the publish/subscribe messaging style.​


Describe key IBM MQ components and processes
Explain the effect of design and development choices in the IBM MQ environment
Describe common queue attributes and how to control these attributes in an application
Differentiate between point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging styles
Describe the calls, structures, and elementary data types that compose the message queue interface
Describe how IBM MQ determines the queue where messages are placed
Explain how to code a program to get messages by either browsing or removing the message from the queue
Describe how to handle data conversion across different platforms
Explain how to put messages that have sequencing or queue manager affinities
Explain how to commit or back out messages in a unit of work
Describe how to code programs that run in a client
Explain the use of asynchronous messaging calls
Describe the basics of writing publish/subscribe applications
Describe the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
Differentiate among the various IBM MQ
Light AMQP implementations
Explain how to use IBM MQ applications to interface with IBM MQ Light


This course is designed for application developers and architects who are responsible for the development and design of IBM MQ applications.


3 days


A least 1 year of experience with message queus
Experience in business application design
Experience in C language development


IBM MQ overview
Exercise: Working with IBM MQ to find your message
Basic design and development concepts
Exercise: Getting started with IBM MQ development
MQOPEN, queue name resolution, and MQPUT
Exercise: Working with MQOPEN and queue name resolution, MQPUT, and MQMD fields
Getting messages and retrieval considerations
Exercise: Correlating requests to replies
Data conversion
Bind and Message groups
Committing and backing out units of work
Exercise: Commit and back out review
Asynchronous messaging
Exercise: Asynchronous messaging review
IBM MQ clients
Exercise: Working with an IBM MQ client
Introduction to publish/subscribe
Exercise: Working with publish/subscribe basics
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and IBM MQ Light
Exercise: Connecting IBM MQ Light applications to IBM MQ applications


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