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Why should you use an Integration Test with a DevOps approach? Organizations today are seeking ways to improve the efficiency of both their software development efforts and operations while still meeting quality objectives. Competitive pressures and customer demands continue to reduce software product release schedules, driving the pursuit of faster software releases, which in turn requires even more efficient testing capabilities. Agile development adoption is driving the need for increased value delivery efficiency. In this performance-driven environment, software development, integration testing, and operations must evolve to meet iteration and release delivery goals while continuing to meet organizational quality objectives.


Test strategy and implementation within a CI/CD context
Automated quality gates
Managing configuration
Continuous integration and delivery Automated deployments
Operations management of infrastructure and data
Organizational impacts of DevOps implementation​


Experienced software test professionals
Operations engineers
Software developers
DevOps engineers
Project Managers
Business Owners


2 days


In order to get the most out of this Integration Testing training, attenders have experience with software builds, deployments, and automated testing


Introduction to Integration Testing with a DevOps approach
DevOps mindset and approach with a focus on Integration Testing
What does it mean Integrating Test with a DevOps approach?
Business value and benefits of DevOps
DevOps vs traditional approaches
DevOps principles
Configuration Management
Version control
Dependency management
Managing configuration
Continuous Integration
Role of CI in DevOps
CI principles and practices
Build automation
Quality assurance
Continuous feedback
Distributed teams
Continuous Delivery
CD philosophy and mindset
CD principles
Delivery pipeline
Automated deployment
CD practices
Pipeline support
CD in different delivery models
Test Strategy
Testing types
Test planning
Automated testing
Managing infrastructure
Virtualization and cloud
Scaling infrastructure
Continuous monitoring
Managing databases
Organizational DevOps in Integration Testing?
DevOps within an agile context
Cultural challenges
Addressing governance and policy requirements in Integration Testing


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