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Java intermediate course provides in depth coverage of object oriented concepts and how to apply them to Java software design and development.


Query databases with JDBC
Be able to work with Sockets, perform I/O operations
Be familiar with remoting concepts


Experienced C and C++ programmers will find this course a very good fit and if anything will find that they complete it in a little less than the full five day timeline Those with experience in languages less like Java, such as Visual Basic, ASP and other Web scripting languages, and other pseudo object oriented languages may need more time in the early going, and this course covers its introductory topics in good depth and offers many optional and challenge labs to support this


3 days


In order to start the Java Intermediate training, one should have basic knowledge of introductory subjects in the field of Java development (i.e. OOP concepts and practices) Be familiar with an IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans)


Introduction to Java Intermaediate
Introduction to Design Patterns
Threading advanced concepts
Introduction to RDBMS and JDBC
Advanced concepts of JDBC
Transactions and JDBC
Introduction to I/O in Java Intermediate
Introduction to NIO
Distributed application development
Declarative transactions
Logging mechanisms
Java Script, Ajax, frameworks
ORM and Hibernate
Tomcat, JNDI, DataSources
Conclusion of Java Intermediate


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