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Our comprehensive four day Java Performance Tuning course will provide you with the skills you'll need to quickly performance tune your Java applications. Topics covered include tooling, methodology, architecture, best practices, benchmarking, and memory management.


Explore the Spring Container and Modules within the Java Performance Tuning
Learn aspect oriented programming and how it is used to provide cross cutting concerns
Learn how the JVM works
Understanding threading concepts and possible problems
Be familiar with the concept of design patterns
Learn how to debug in java
Understand security aspects of a java application
Work with JMS messages
Understand JBoss datasources




2 days


Be familiar with OOP concepts
Be familiar with design patterns (at least at a fundamental level)
Have knowledge of web and application servers


Introduction to Java Performance Tuning
Java – detailed description
Performance, GC, memory
Multicore Paradigm
Design patterns in Java Performance Tuning
Thread Management Concerns
Debugging Java
Improving code – DI, IoC, AOP
JBoss Web Server
Security Aspects
Datasources and Transactions


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