_ Kanban Fundamentals


Kanban Fundamentals course teach you how Kanban helps you drive improvements, both in your environment and in the surrounding value stream and of course is a reminder for what is an Agile mindset. Learn how to introduce Kanban and how to use Kanban to spark cooperative problem solving.​


How to use Kanban software development to create and build high quality code
in a shorter period than the team's current capability
The importance of managing work in progress (WIP)
How to analyze and manage requirements in a Lean-Agile project
Options for estimating, sizing and decomposing work
How to implement Kanban starting where you are now
How to use continuous flow diagrams
Why visibility is critical in all Lean-Agile implementations
How to properly involve management with the team


All members of an agile team and managers.


2 days




Introduction to Kanban Applied
Lean-Agile overview
Managing discovery
Roles, responsibilities, and boundaries
Incremental realization of value
Key points
Drive by value
Small increments
The ‘whole’ team
Understanding Lean
Key drivers
Lean thinking
Lean-Agile management
Iterative development
Implementing Kanban
Vision statements
Establish Kanban fundamentals policies and agreements
Establish the Kanban fundamental board
Establish classes of service
Managing WIP limits
Kanban and estimation
Kanban fundamentals practices
Kanban hybrids
Lean-Agile business practices
Business prioritization
Business planning
Business backlog and readiness
Lean-Agile team practices
Product backlog management
Decomposition and writing stories
Build quality in
Kanban meetings
Lean-Agile management practices
Flow of delivery of value
Transition to Kanban Applied


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