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Lean-Agile enterprise - The Product Manager course focuses on the business responsibilities and practices needed to effectively prioritize and drive technology projects to achieve the highest business value faster.


Defining the role of the Lean-Agile Business Product Owner and how it guides and drives development
Defining effective business value vision and focus
Defining, prioritizing, and planning business increments based on highest business value
Creating a focus in the development team towards delivering high value, high quality software in a sustainable manner
Addressing the challenges, approaches, and mindsets faced by the Business Product Owner
Define business value increments
Describe how to manage scope, timeline, and delivery of value based on capacity of teams
Identify how to create a prioritized list and manage active work-in-progress
Execute decision making using Lean thinking and Lean-Agile reporting in a timely manner


Product Managers
Product Owners
Lean-Agile thinkers


2 days




Introduction to The Product Manager in the Lean-Agile Enterprise
Introduction in Lean-Agile Enterprise
Projects vs. Products
Lean-Agile Overview
What is Agility
The context for Lean-Agile
Speed of realizing value
Roles and boundaries
Lean-Agile business practices
Business value
Value stream / queues
Business prioritization
Business planning
Business readiness / staging
Ready to pull
Reports for the BPO
Visual controls


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