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Linux Fundamentals course enables participants to perform everyday tasks using the Linux operating system.


This course prepares students to take the 101 exam of the LPI level 1 certification.
This course covers fundamental Linux skills such as file management and manipulation, text processing, command line use, package management, file systems, hardware, and many more.


This class is designed for people who have little or no prior experience with Linux or Unix. System administrators, developers, architects, qa staff


4 days


Knowledge of other operating systems is useful to appreciate similarities and differences
Experience with command-line interfaces is helpful
Basic Knowledge of hardware and computer components


Introduction to Linux Fundamentals
Manage File Permissions and Ownership
Create, Delete, Find and Display Files
Work With Archives and Compression
Process Text Streams using Filters
Lab Tasks and Exercises
Work On The Command Line
Use Streams, Pipes, and Redirects
Search Text Files using Regular Expressions
Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using VI
Lab Tasks and Exercises
Bash scripting
Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
Use Rpm, Yum and Debian Package Management
Lab Tasks and Exercises
Work With Partitions, Filesystems, and Disk Quotas
Determine and Configure Hardware Settings
Linux Fundamentals
Lab Tasks and Exercises


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