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Oracle Exadata course describe the key capabilities of Exadata and Database Machine Identify the benefits of using Database Machine for different application classes Describe the architecture of Database Machine and its integration with Oracle Database, Cluster ware and ASM Complete the initial configuration of Database Machine Describe various recommended approaches for migrating to Database Machine Configure Exadata I/O Resource Management Monitor Database Machine.


List the key capabilities and features of Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server
Initially configure Exadata Database Machine
Implement Exadata Storage Server security
Use query execution plans, statistics and wait events to examine Exadata Smart Scan
Describe various options and best-practice recommendations for consolidation on Exadata Database Machine
Describe what Exadata is and how it’s different from traditional database storage
Maintain, monitor and optimize Database Machine after initial configuration


Data Warehouse Administrator
Database Administrators
Database Designers
System Administrator
Technical Administrator


5 days


General storage and systems administration


Exadata Database Machine Overview
Exadata Database Machine Architecture
Key Capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Initial Configuration
Exadata Storage Server Configuration I/O Resource Management
Recommendations for Optimizing Database Performance
Using Smart Scan
Consolidation Options and Recommendation
Migrating Databases to Exadata Database Machine
Bulk Data Loading using Oracle DBFS
Exadata Database Machine Platform Monitoring Introduction
Configuring Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
Monitoring Exadata Storage Servers
Monitoring Exadata Database Machine Database Servers, Monitoring the InfiniBand Network
Monitoring Other Exadata Database Machine Components, Other Useful Monitoring Tools and Backup and Recovery
Exadata Database Machine Maintenance Tasks, Exadata Database Machine: Patching, Automated Support Ecosystem & Cloud Service Overview


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