_ Oracle MySQL Fundamentals

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The Oracle MySQL Fundamentals course helps you learn about the world's most popular open source database. You'll learn how to use the MySQL Server and tools, while helping you develop deeper knowledge of using relational databases.


Understand Oracle MySQL Basics principles
Understand Relational Model
Understand Normal Forms
Learn Oracle MySQL and how it's used
Build and run SQL scripts
Perform basic database operations using MySQL
Write basic SQL scripts for MySQL


Database Administrators
Database Designers


3 days


Basic computer skills and knowledge of set theory fundamentals
Understanding of first order logic
Understanding of search algorithms and complexity theory
Prior SQL programming experience is helpful but not required


Introduction to Oracle MySQL Basics
Relational Model
SQL basics
Data Definition Language (DDL)
Data Manipulation Language (DML)
Data Query Language (DQL)
Best Practices


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BUCHAREST26 april 20215 daysENVirtual450€ + VAT500€ + VATRegister


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