_ Oracle SQL – Performance Tuning

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This Oracle SQL - Performance Tuning course is developed in order for you to learn and practice about Oracle SQL tuning and how to apply tuning techniques to your SQL code. Learn the different ways in which data can be accessed efficiently.


Modify an Oracle SQL statement to perform at its best
Identify poorly performing SQL
Trace an application through its different levels of the application architecture
Understand how the Query Optimizer makes decisions about how to access data
Define how optimizer statistics affect the performance of SQL
List the possible methods of accessing data, including different join methods


Data Warehouse Developer
Application Developers
Support Engineer
PL/SQL Developer


3 days


Familiarity with database architecture
Knowledge of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Ed 1.1


Introduction to Oracle SQL Tuning
SQL Tuning Session
SQL Tuning Strategies
Development Environments: Overview
SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) Diagnostic Tool
Using Application Tracing Tools
Using the SQL Trace Facility: Overview
Steps Needed Before Tracing
Available Tracing Tools: Overview
The trcsess Utility
Formatting SQL Trace Files: Overview
Understanding Basic Tuning Techniques
Developing Efficient Oracle SQL statement
Scripts Used in This Lesson
Table Design
Index Usage
Transformed Index
Data Type Mismatch
NULL usage
Tune the ORDER BY Clause
Optimizer Fundamentals
SQL Statement Representation
SQL Statement Processing
Why Do You Need an Optimizer?
Components of the Optimizer
Query Transformer
Cost-Based Optimizer
Adaptive Query Optimization
Optimizer Features and Oracle Database Releases
Generating and Displaying Execution Plans
Execution Plan
Plan Table
Automatic Workload Repository
SQL Monitoring
Interpreting Execution Plans and Enhancements
Interpreting a Serial Execution Plan
Adaptive Optimizations
Optimizer: Table and Index Access Paths
Row Source Operations
Main Structures and Access Paths
Full Table Scan
Common Observations
Optimizer Join Operations
Join Methods
Join Types
Other Optimizer Operators
SQL operators
Other N-Array Operations
Result Cache operators
Introduction to Optimizer Statistics Concepts
Optimizer Statistics
Types of Optimizer Statistics
Gather and Manage Optimizer Statistics: Overview
Using Bind Variables
Cursor Sharing and Different Literal Values
Cursor Sharing and Bind Variables
SQL Plan Management
Maintaining SQL Performance
Oracle SQL Plan Management


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