_ Oracle Weblogic Server – Speedy tuning

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This Oracle WebLogic Server: Performance Tuning Workshop teaches you how to monitor the effects of a running Oracle WebLogic Server application on the overall system.


Configure a work manager for an application.
Monitor and tune Java EE applications.
Use a standard tuning methodology.
Tune an operating system to support WebLogic.
Monitor and tune JVM performance.
Monitor and tune server performance.
Monitor and tune cluster performance.
Monitor and tune JDBC services.
Monitor and tune a persistent store.


Project Manager
Web Administrator
System Integrator
Support Engineer
Technical Consultant
SOA Architect
Java EE Developers
Web Administrator
System Integrator
Support Engineer
Technical Consultant
SOA Architect
Java EE Developers


3 days


Adequate knowledge of administering Oracle WebLogic Server
Basic knowledge of Java programming


● Tuning and performance measurement definition
● Scalability Law,Paralellism, Contention
● Working queues, performance elements
● Load balancing
● Caching
● Performance testing
● Java JMV Tuning And Profiling
● Java Mission Control
● Java Flight recorder
● Memory tuning hints
● JMeter
● Java Garbage collection theory and hints
● Http Session tuning
● J2EE Persistence tuning
○ prepared statement
● XML/JSON processing tuning
● WebLogic tuning relevant components
● Weblogic domains
● Weblogic clusters
● Weblogic work managers
● Top tuning recommendations and best practices
● Using docker to setup a development environment for weblogic testing and tuning


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