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During the course of Python for Testers we will work with a strong focus on practical knowledge. I build a large amount of exercises to give the opportunity to build simple but powerful tools using Python, which gives a deeper understanding of the opportunities that the language offers.


Explore examples covering topics such as generating test data, monitoring system under test, compressing and sending test data
Gain a solid understanding of the Python for testers language, its philosophy, and the code syntax
Get a broad introduction to the vast standard library that Python comes installed with
What is Pythonic code, good practices and common pitfalls to avoid
Learn how to install 3rd party Python libraries to extend the power of the language
Understand how to control external processes
Get started with performance measurements
Learn how transfer results to remote computers


QA Software Engineers


4 days


OOP knowledge


Introduction to Python for Testers
What is Python for Testers?
Basic syntax, structure of Python code
Importing modules
The REPL Basic constructs
The standard library
Generating Test Data
Built-in data types and objects
Control statements and control flows
Writing data into files
Gathering Test Artifacts
Python for testers Methods
Working with the file systems and operative system
Manipulating file paths
Compressing and transferring test data
Real Time Monitoring of System Under Test
Introduction to Object Oriented Python and classes
Text parsing and manipulation
Manipulating dates and timestamps
Formatting output in terminal
Reading data from files
Generating Test Data Continued
CSV - Comma Separated Values
Compressing data continued
Traversing and mapping file systems
Input from command line
Web Calls, REST APIs, and Monitoring Systems
Installing 3rd party libraries
Working the data format JSON
HTTP Requests
Calling and testing REST APIs
Monitor system under test
Controlling External Processes
PExpect - The Python implementation of Expect
Calling and testing SOAP APIs
Workshop for Python for Testers


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