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Quality Assurance Fundamentals



This Quality Assurance training course teaches you how to design quality into a software project, and how to review a software project to ensure that quality remains high throughout the project. This training also focuses on what the risks are of not designing quality into a project, and how to assess and avoid these risks.


Perceptions of software quality, its introduction in both large and small organizations, benefits and problems of implementation.
Current requirements of software quality and ISO 9001 certification.
Application of quality across different development, support and application environments.
Developing a software QMS for both ISO 9001 certification and beyond.
Implementing a software and process measurement.


Quality Professionals and Senior Management wishing to introduce and employ the latest software quality assurance techniques.


2 days


There are no specific prerequisites for the training and any software professional can go through this training.


DevOps Mindset
What is DevOps?
Business value and benefits of DevOps
DevOps vs traditional approaches
DevOps principles
QA Fundamentals
Quality Control (Software)
Verification and Validation
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Business Process Reengineering
Software Quality Life Cycle
Common Framework
Types of Software Projects
SQA and Stages of the Development Process
Creating and Developing Testing Plans
Test plans (or Creating a Master Testing Plan)
Test cases
When to stop
Time constraints
Software Defect Management
Capturing Software Defects
Reporting and Tracking Software Defects
Analyzing Software Defects
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Documents Created by Quality Assurance
Product Requirement Analysis Document (PRAD)
Functional Specification
Test Strategy
Test Plan
Test Cases
Test Results by Build
Release Package
Test Strategy Template
ISO 9000 Requirements and Their Effect on Software
Preparing a Test Case
Project Overview and Scope
Materials Consulted
Test Set-Up
Completion Criteria
QA Test Matrix and Test Cases
Quality Assurance Document Creation
Quality Assurance Documents
Components of a Good Test Plan
Quality Assurance Testing Principles
Test Planning and Control
Test Completion Criteria
Quality Assurance Design Creation
Test Case Design
Test Completion Criteria
Testing Principles OK
A Self Assessment Test with Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral
Software Quality Assurance Testing
White-Box Testing vs. Black-Box Texting
Designing Effective Test Cases
Module Testing
Test Case Design
Software Quality Assurance Metrics
Incremental Testing vs. Non-Incremental Testing
Top-Down Testing vs. Bottom-Up Testing
When To Stop Testing
Equivalence Partitioning
Boundary Values
Error Guessing
Human Managed Information Services Quality Assurance
High-Level Design Inspections
Human Testing
Code Inspections
Metrics-Managed Information Services Quality Assurance
Low-Level Design Inspections
Code Walkthrough
Logging Defects
Peer Ratings
Assuring Software Quality Through Testing
Higher-Order Testing
Function Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Testing
Installation Testing
Assuring Software Quality through Design
Functional Design
Interface Design
Resource Utilization
QA Workshop


QC Automation Testing

Fundamentals of Quality Assurance


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2 days
400 eur
500 eur
2 days
400 eur
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Online or On-site delivery

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We created a personalised delivery strategy by offering blending learning

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Can you organise virtual training sessions or only face to face trainings?

Yes, you can choose an online or an offline training session. We use Knolyx, an e-learning platform, to make the process of online training and mobile learning delivery as efficient as a face-to-face training session. You can check here a complete list of features set.

Should we deliver online or offline classes?

That's up to you. We offer you an efficient learning environment and you can use it according to your needs: either online or offline. Nobody knows better than you and your team what you need, so we do not imposed some predefined criteria, we adapt to yours.

Can you customize courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes. We offer training consultancy and we establish the most appropriate courses according to the specific needs and business objectives of your company.
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