_ React and Redux using TypeScript

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React and Redux using TypeScript course, students gain hands-on experience with the latest version of React and the tools for developing React applications. Developers learn the skills they need to immediately build React and Redux applications using the TypeScript language.


Use a JavaScript package manager (either npm or Yarn)
Quickly understand the new JavaScript language features, including classes, modules, and arrow functions
Articulate what React is and why it is useful
Explore the basic architecture of a React application
Gain a deep understanding of JSX and the Virtual DOM
Use React components to build interactive interfaces
Create and validate forms using controlled components
Make HTTP calls to read or change data
Configure simple and complex routing
Utilize Redux to manage the state of the application
Use React and Redux together
Implement React and Redux best practices Write unit tests for React using Jest and Enzyme




5 days


All attendees must be experienced developers with an understanding of object-oriented programming and some familiarity with JavaScript. If your group doesn’t yet have this experience, we could readily add one or two days to the beginning of your course to appropriately prepare them.


Introduction to React and Redux using TypeScript
Package Manager (npm/Yarn)
Compiler Setup
Project Setup (Create React App)
Best Practices (Code Organization & Conventions)
React Overview
Virtual DOM
Conditional Rendering
Component Architecture
Routing (React Router)
Build & Deploy
Using Redux with React (React Redux Library)
Asynchronous Actions (Redux Thunk)
Putting It All Together (React & Redux & Thunk)
Unit Testing
Optional Topics/FAQ (if time permits)


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