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Red Hat Administration



Red Hat System Administration I provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools.


Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Kickstart
Know how to access the command line
Be able to use basic system administration tools
Configure Networking
Configure Network File Sharing services
Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux to act as a LDAP client
Manage Users and Groups
Implement LVM Storage
Manage SELinux
Implement Access Control Lists
Troubleshoot common issues


Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators responsible for the management of multiple servers


3 days


Have a basic understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Recognize whether a Linux command finished running successfully or not
Know how to use a text editor in either command-line or GUI interface


Automated Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Accessing the Command-line
Intermediate Command-line Tools
Regular Expressions, Pipelines, I/O Redirection
Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems
Managing Flexible Storage with LVM
Accessing Network File Sharing Services
Managing User Accounts
Network User Accounts with LDAP
Controlling Access to Files
Managing SELinux
Installing and Managing Software
Managing Installed Services
Analyzing and Storing Logs
Managing Processes
Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel
System Recovery Techniques


DevOps Test Integration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - System Administrator's Guide


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We created a personalised delivery strategy by offering blending learning

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Can you organise virtual training sessions or only face to face trainings?

Yes, you can choose an online or an offline training session. We use Knolyx, an e-learning platform, to make the process of online training and mobile learning delivery as efficient as a face-to-face training session. You can check here a complete list of features set.

Should we deliver online or offline classes?

That's up to you. We offer you an efficient learning environment and you can use it according to your needs: either online or offline. Nobody knows better than you and your team what you need, so we do not imposed some predefined criteria, we adapt to yours.

Can you customize courses to suit our particular requirements?

Yes. We offer training consultancy and we establish the most appropriate courses according to the specific needs and business objectives of your company.
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