_ SOLID Principles


SOLID Principles course will teach you the principles of flexible design. To allow requirements to change, we need to create flexible architecture and design. Knowing and applying the five SOLID. principles is one of the keys to make that changes easily.


Separate responsibilities at variable, method, class and module level (Single Responsibility Principle)
Keep your design open to extension (Open Closed Principle)
Allow easy replacement of an implementation with another using SOLID principles
Cleanly separate the interfaces based on responsibilities
Introduce the right abstractions to allow flexibility within the SOLID Principles approach


Software developers who want to learn more about software design
Architects who need a top level view on design
Technical managers for whom standard good design practices are important


1 day


Your knowledge in programming should be in area of Java, php or Python. All examples during the class are in Java, but you will work in your preferred language.
You will get the best out of this Solid Principles class if you pair with another attendee during the exercises.


Introduction to SOLID Principles
Flexible architecture
Basic rules for flexible architecture
Single Responsibility Principle
Open Closed Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle
Interface Segregation Principle
Dependency Inversion Principle
Other topics based on your requests regarding SOLID Priciples


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