_ Spring and Hibernate Frameworks

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The developing applications with Spring and Hibernate Frameworks will give students an overview of these programming frameworks, with a focus on practically applying them by different exercises.


Describe the relationships between SQL, Java, Spring, and Hibernate, focusing on Spring and Hibernate Frameworks
Write applications that take advantage of the Hibernate Persistence Manager
Create and use mappings between Java classes and relational databases
Explain how identity and keys are handled in Hibernate
Describe the persistent object lifecycle and how that relates to transactions and concurrency
Explain the issues associated with complex frameworks such as J2EE and how Spring addresses those issues
Write applications that take advantage of the Spring container and the declarative nature of assembling simple components into applications
Work with Spring's support for transactions and apply Hibernate


This training is designed for developers interested in using Spring and Hibernate Frameworks.


3 days


Basic experience in Java development and web development.
Knowledge of persistency solutions, be familiar with OOP concepts.


Introduction to Spring and Hibernate Frameworks
Getting Started with Hibernate
Basic ORM in Hibernate
Value-Type Collections and Components
Entity Associations (Relations)
Mapping Inheritance
Hibernate Annotations
Working with Persistent Objects
Querying for Objects
The Spring Framework and IoC
Beans, callbacks and customization
Spring and Persistence
Spring and Hibernate Frameworks conclusion


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