_ Story Acceptance Tests


Implementing Story Acceptance Tests affords your team superior communication, in-depth understanding of the system and how it should be changed, and an evolving suite of system tests definitions. Automating these tests, in a way that is accessible to customers alike, testers, developers will allow you to derive the most value from them.


Understand Fit framework
The importance of automating story acceptance tests
Story test driven development (STDD)
How to use Fit to implement STDD
How to use Fit to automate story acceptance tests
How to use Fit as it is distributed
How to extend Fit to do exactly what you need
To understand test interfaces and how to reuse story tests


Technical testers


2 days


Analysis and Design Methods
Team Agility
Transitioning to Agile


Introduction to Implementing Story Acceptance Tests
Story Testing overview
Fit overview
Integrating Fit with your development environment
Understanding vanilla Fit capabilities
Mocking and Fit
Understanding how Fit Works Internally
Extending Fit capabilities to implement specific Domain Specific Languages (DSL)
Fixture reuse by different product teams
Changing the development process to accommodate story acceptance tests
The build
Source control
Dealing with legacy code


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